Alarm System & Monitoring

Why choose a OPR Security Alarm System for your home or company?

You need a security alarm that is going to suit your needs, our systems are flexible so we can design a system to meet all your requirements: Call a mobile or SMS, NBN, Wireless Remote Control, Wireless or Hardwired, Day and Night modes, Pet Friendly Sensors, Doors and Windows, Smoke Detection, Affordable and reliable, we specialize in the installation and service the following types of  alarms:

Home Alarm Systems

If you are looking for a trusted home security system, you have come to the right place. OPR Security is a preferred provider of state of the art security systems.

Our security systems allow you to monitor your home for intruders, smoke, and fire and alert the authorities if needed. Our alarm systems are wireless home security systems, so installation is a quick and clean process.

Business Security Alarms

We have a wide range of interactive, integrated, Class 5 encrypted, hard wired, management software, training and custom solutions. We can provide the right kind of alarm system to solve your security problem or mitigate your risk. We supply and install high-quality premium products such as, BOSCH Security Systems, Inception, and Inner Range.